Priorities of DVLA in 2017-18

Automobile registration is now way easier with the dedicated DVLA helpline open for all six days in a week. Having head quarters in the City and Country of Swansea, a costal country in Wales, DVLA has been into this business for more than forty years and has annual revenue of more than six billion British pounds, collected from the Excise-duty on automobiles in the United Kingdom. Having strength of more than five thousand employees, the agency has found its place as one-of-the-largest employers in South-Wales. The agency has been in path of fast modernization, which is evident from the estimated budget allotment, in year 2002 to 2015, about five hundred million British pounds was invested in the field of Information technology.

Priorities in 2017-18

As part of its Strategic plan from 2017 to the year 2020, the department has set various priorities to enhance its services and reach out to its customers easily. Following section lists a few areas of Focus this year.

  • Improvement in Workplace

    One of the priorities set for the current fiscal from 2017 to 2018 is to enhance the workplace conditions to a state-of-art environment where the staff can be trained appropriately, improve their skills and make them capable enough with an air of modernity in their place of work.

  • Services

    Thousands and thousands of customers used to throng in long queues for various purposes may it be for registering their vehicle; have driving license, pay fines, excise duties. All used to be paper based initially and the agency has strived a lot to push the system to a paper-free customer friendly environment. Improving customer services in digital channels and other channels is one of the focus areas for this couple of years. The department has also prioritised delivering easy and safe services which includes notifications of medical conditions through various online channels.

  • Compliance

    Excise Duty evasion is on rise since many years and the DVLA have been perusing it hard for catching the defaulters and bringing them to law. It also follows those who defy adhering to the set rules. In this couple of years the system has prioritised methods to ease out compliance process and focuses on reducing Excise duty (one of the main source of revenue for the Agency) evasions.

  • Infrastructure

    From the earlier paper based system, the department has focussed on Infrastructural developments to enhance services, now even making their system agile and based on cloud so that it is easily accessible by the people from anywhere in United Kingdom. The cloud base also reduces the down time of the system. It also aims in building infrastructures to facilitate motoring services.

Quick help

For having assistance regarding any queries, feel free to contact the DVLA authorities through the DVLA contact number tel:0300-790-6802">0300-790-6802 in case of tax enquiries, 0300-790-6801 for questions regarding driver licenses, 0300-790-6802 for vehicle registration enquiries and 0300-790-6806 for medical enquiries. All these lines are accessible six days a week. The timings for weekdays is from morning 8 to evening 7 pm and on Saturdays it is a bit relaxed, from 8 am to 2 pm. All the lines are off on Sundays.