2017-2020 plans set by DVLA

The licensing-authority has set up key-priorities for couple of years 2017 and 2018 to enhance their system and focus on infrastructural improvements to curb down the tax evasions. Any queries regarding registrations can be reached out to the Agency through dedicated DVLA helpline which are open on six days, a week. This organisation comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation, run by the UK Government. Having a staff of more than five thousand, it provides good salary packages. For instance Administrative officers receive about 17,000 British pounds a year, Executive office 25,000 British pounds, Infrastructure Engineer 50,000 British pounds and so on. The main concerns for 2017-18 are based upon the tactical plan of the agency for a period ranging from the year 2017 to 2020 focusing upon five main points.

Strategic Plan 2017-20

  • Improving Services

    Customer service has been a focus area of the department since many years. From easing out the long queues in the offices to provide better and friendly assistance to the public for different purposes from applying for license, automobile registration, paying taxes or fines. DVLA aims at providing the best-in-class customer-service by getting feedbacks from the stakeholders and various other means to work on ways for continuously improving services, making it simpler and easily accessible for public.

  • Business enhanced by Technology

    From early years with lots of paper works, the department has strived a lot in moving to a paper free environment. Making services available online not only reduces the rush at the offices, it also makes it convenient for the customers to avail the services sitting at home. The agency plans to move to cloud based system in the next three years with an intention to make maximum possible facilities available online. Being cloud based also helps the system to be more accessible even to the persons with disabilities by avoiding long queues.

  • Digital monitoring

    Long gone are the days when authorities used to stand by the road side to catch the tax evaders and the speed violators, it is way too hard and chances of missing defaulters are high too. With automated digital monitoring systems set up, the defaulters are caught easily and precisely. With the growing business, the department also aims to develop interactive software to remove the dependence on paper documents and making it user friendly and corruption free system.

  • Compliance

    The main revenue for the DVLA is through the excise duty collected for the automobiles. Running behind the evaders has been a tough task, but with technological enhancements it gets easier. DVLA also intends to introduce systems to facilitate duty collection through online means and improve compliance with law.

Ready to Help

The DVLA is ready to help you for any queries with the dedicated DVLA contact numbers available six days a week. The timings are different just on Saturdays, set as morning 8 am to afternoon 2 pm. On all other day the phone lines are available from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening. The medical enquiries can be directed to 0300-7900-6806, automobile registration enquiries are answerable via 0300-790-6802, for questions regarding driving license contact 0300-790-6801 and for taxes reach out to 0300-790-6802.